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Anna Baranska

An interview by and
, curator
, curator
I received a solid , typically academic type of education . I had the chance to study under the supervision of many distinguished artists , each of whom had their own artistic vision . The interdisciplinary perspective thus gained enabled me to perceive various dimensions of art . The experience I acquired at the studios where I worked during my studies at university whetted my appetite for art , but having such solid educational background , I was able to develop myself in the directions that were the most attractive to me . In answer to your question , I am absolutely convinced that my studies had a substantial influence on my artistic development . My artistic activity , which I started as a student , resulted from specific tasks or activities initiated by my professors . These first steps taken under the protective wings of my professors were a soft way of entering the challenging world of art . My initial activities provoked further ones , thus leading me to the moment I am at now . Although pursuing a career in art is not easy , at least in Poland , thanks to my constant contact with the artistic community , I find it much easier to engage in art .