LandEscape Art Review - Page 191

Reagan Lake

LandE scape

CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW applying the principles of the Rhizome to the idea of an individual having multiple belongings . It creates a strong visual to see the many sites for common ground in the spaces between borders of identiHication .
You often allow an open reading , a great multiplicity of meanings : associative possibilities seems to play a crucial role in your pieces . How important is this degree of openness ?
Making work that is open and multivalent is very important to me . It is my way of grappling with and processing ideas associated with hybridity and Rhizomatic thought . I do this both in terms the materials I use and in relation to the meaning of my work . Porcelain has association with craft but also luxury . Josiah Wedgewood , who famously made manufactured functional ware as well as reHined ‘ artistic ’ work , was also an abolitionist and made the anti-slavery medallion Am I Not A Man and a Brother ? Textiles as a conveyor meaning , has associations with femininity , sewing , luxury , industry , and slavery ( to name a few ). I am interested in creating a visual language that is speciHic in terms of my identity formations and experiences but that can also be a site where meaning can be found for other people and engage with broader discourses about migrations of