LandEscape Art Review - Page 190


Land scape
Maya Gelfman
but it didn ’ t quite work for me . It might be that it starts to veer too close to sewing and away from some of the conceptual aspects I want to evoke .
Portrait Medallions came about after a year of experiments . I made an earlier version while making Blink . I tried recreating the texture of lace in a variety of ways , making molds of lace and doing slip cast versions , hand building the shapes in porcelain , dipping the lace into porcelain slip and Hiring that .
Ultimately I liked the textile itself but had issues with the original backing which were those tiny 2 x 4 “ canvases you can get at any art supply store . I wanted the backings to be consistent but individual and hand made . I was inspired by Josiah Wedgwood ’ s portrait medallions . The supports of the Hinal version of Portrait Medallions were made from a white porcelain but came out of the kiln with a slight blue grey cast which was out of my control but the perfect result because it leaned towards the look of Jasperware by Wedgewood . Rhizome is composed from hand made lace from the civil war era . They came to me from a good friend who had been holding on to them and thought I could do something interesting with them . The color is a result of their age . I often draw overlapping circles like that for my students as a way to illustrate this idea of