LandEscape Art Review - Page 187

Christopher Reid

LandE scape

I am not inclined to say what people should or shouldn ’ t do . There are really interesting and important non object based art practices evolving from relational aesthetics . I think these are really important . Particularly ones that lean towards issues of social justice . I ’ m thinking of the works of Suzanne Lacy and Ted Purves to name just two of many that I am aware of and I ‘ m sure there are many more artists working along these lines that I have not yet encountered . Also works like
Concerto in Black and Blue by David Hammons . I am an object maker . I wouldn ’ t say that one should focus on the nature of the medium as something that translates reality . I use the medium to add another layer of meaning and history . If I am working with porcelain it is because I want to tap in to the history and meaning of that material . The same is true for the textiles and Indigo . I think that materials themselves can open a chain of semiotic meaning . Materials move and meander through the world and there is a history