LandEscape Art Review - Page 166

LandE scape Christin Bolewski CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW It seems like contemporary art practice is about breaking the rules and subverting a wide variety of taxonomies of art: there are no boundaries in it whereas the type of art you’re practicing has very real rules that you have to follow. What are some of the rules that when you sit down and you’re conceiving a new piece that you have to consider when you’re deciding whether or not you’re going to conceive something? All artwork that we have discussed here today are re-interpretations of traditions in art practice and history hence the central rule is to identify the core elements of a tradition and then to adapt them to explore the potentials of new technology and see how these traditions can be developed further through this process. ‘Remediation’ is a keyword for it, coined by Bolter and Grusin two media theorists in 2000. We like the way you structure your pieces. They leave space for the spectators to replay the ideas you explore in their own intimate lives, letting them become emotionally involved in what you are attempting to communicate. As Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco once stated, "the artist’s role differs depending on which part of the world you’re in. It depends on the political system you’re living under". Do you think that the role of the artist has changed these days with the new global communications and the new sensibility created by new media? Especially for a digital media artist or filmmaker it is today very easy to exhibit artwork everywhere around the globe. You just send a digital file via Internet and can have your work shown simultaneously at many places. Hence an artist can create artwork for a global audience, or better say the artist has to be aware that the artwork might be perceived in many different cultural settings. mountainwater-painting and Shizen?Natural, for example, have both been presented at many international exhibitions around the world. I have shown the work, for example, in Kathmandu in Nepal or in 22