LandEscape Art Review - Page 162

LandE scape

Christin Bolewski
topics in my work and therefore also of course foreign nature and environments are important in my work . I also work a lot with cinematic essay and travelogue . I wanted to figure out what specifically interests me so much in travelling and I have been reading a lot of recent research from psychologists and sociologists about travelling and found there an explanation for what I have been doing intuitively for a long time . It ’ s been said that travel broadens peoples ’ minds by giving them the opportunity to see how others live or how things are different which also includes nature and other environments . Authenticity emerges as a seemingly allpowerful desire in people , particularly in tourists , to see life ‘ as it is really lived ’ somewhere else . Tourists seek authenticity in other lands as a means , among other things , of gaining insights into their own lives . Within the ‘ other ’ as a difference I can understand what is myself . Here we find similar ideas to Francois Jullien ’ s concept of the ‘ detour ’.
Another interesting project of yours that has particularly impressed us and on which we would like to spend some words is entitled Still life in motion : it is an arts project that connects the tradition of painting with the moving image to create an object of contemporary video art . In particular , we have found really stimulating the way you have incorporated the elusive notion of time into the apparent staticity of a painting , providing the viewers with an intense experience of real-time . Please tell us something about the role of time in your approach .
Still life in motion likewise as mountainwater-painting and Shizen ? Natural is a video painting and one of the most interesting questions it poses is , how time is performed in these video paintings . Still life in motion is also a highly metaphorical piece referencing the tradition of still life painting and reinterpreting it via digital technology . I chose this content because the absence of the dimension of time seems to be particularly evident in painting and even more in an arrangement of still objects . Still life is a traditional theme in the history of fine art practice . It can be a