LandEscape Art Review - Page 16

Land scape Alicia Shahaf CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW So I decided to move to the other side of the camera, and take photos of myself. What happened in the process was liberating, I allowed myself to be myself in front of the camera. It pulled out thoughts and emotions and feelings, most abstract and undefined. I checked my mobility, as I examined it over the years with other people. I stood in front of the camera and I played, I danced, I photographed myself as I photograph dancers, with long exposures, because I wanted to bring the movement, the movement of the mind, the thoughts expressed in the movement of the body. The world as it is not always is interesting. What interests me the most is this interpretation of the reality. And this interpretation is not always sharp and clear. I think that's why a big part of my photographs are in motion and tend to abstraction. I feel it is impossible to separate the personal experiences of the artist and his artistic work. I also believe that good art is a representation of the artist's personal experiences reflected