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Christin Bolewski

An interview by Josh Ryder , curator and Barbara Scott , curator landescape @ europe . com
Exploring the expressive potential of a wide variety of materials , artist Christin Bolewski ' s work explores cross-cultural influences between the West and the East and considers the vital relationship between direct experience and visual interpretation , to draw the viewers through a multilayered journey . In her Shizen ? Natural that we ' ll be discussing in the following pages she encapsulated both traditional heritage and unconventional sensitiveness , to trigger the viewers ' perceptual parameters . One of the most impressive aspects of Bolewski ' s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of questioning Western digital visualisation practice that intends to represent realistic space : we are very pleased to introduce our readers to her stimulating and multifaceted artistic production .
Hello Christin and welcome to LandEscape : we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your multifaceted background . You have a solid formal training and after your studies in photographic engineering and jewelley , you later joined the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as a postgraduated student , focussing on Video , Sound and Installation : how do these experience influence the way you currently conceive and produce your works ? And in particular , how does your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to the aesthetic problem in general ?
I would describe myself as a digital media artist and experimental filmmaker . When I was 20 and went to University I first started working mainly with analogue photography , film and video . Since then my practice has evolved and developed alongside the development of digital and lens-based media . Academy of Media Arts in Cologne was a good place to experiment with digital technology in the early 90s when these tools were still very expensive and access to technology for an individual artist was very difficult . Specifically digital manipulation and collage of image and sound became a very important process in my work at the same time I was missing to work with real materials in my hands hence I also worked with jewellery for a while . I started exploring digital animation and manipulation techniques to recreate cinematic language and to bring some of the material and haptic qualities of analogue process into the digital as I did not like the clean look of it . I also aimed to develop new innovative principles of montage and collage in time-based narration which was possible through the digital process . I love to change and make abstract the content , tonality , expressivity of images and sound through the process of digital collage , filtering and processing . I aim to reduce and reinterpret the information of the original footage to create distinctive artwork , which articulates my individual viewpoint .