LandEscape Art Review - Page 15

Alicia Shahaf
Land scape
interested in challenging the context , like a dancer who dances in nature , and not on the stage , or a performer on stage dressed in everyday clothing . I examine the spontaneous movement , one that stems from listening to music ( internal or external ), and usually I do not give instructions to my subjects but let them be therselves .
The photographs in this series are all self-portraits . I study there myself . My femininity , my aging . Since I can remember I take photos ( I got my first camera from my father when I was six ) and rarely been photographed . My awareness of photography makes it difficult for me to allow other people to photograph me . I know the angles , I know how it will come out , where are my good sides , and where I ’ ll look awfull . Far away from the camera , I feel fine with my body . Once I stand in front of the camera I shrink . Suddenly I feel ugly , repulsive .