LandEscape Art Review - Page 143

Igor Notte

LandE scape

of the viewing experience in your process ?
To immerse the spectator is an crucial goal , if not essential . I think that such an event can happen in several ways . For example , the universality and the power of the message may be an element that capture at all or also the aesthetic beauty if well mixed to the meanings . Sure a key is the honesty , the sincerity of the work , without cheating the audience .
German multidisciplinary artist Thomas Demand once stated that " nowadays art can no longer rely so much on symbolic strategies and has to probe psychological , narrative elements within the medium instead ". What is your opinion about it ? And in particular how do you conceive the narrative and especially the visual unity for your works ?
I usually try to adapt the narration to the subject , then i give wide space to the rhythm , visual and musical . When i draw for animations i like to follow the flow of the improvisation too , the pencil sometimes draw alone , or at least it seems to do so . public sphere and the role of art in public space ? In particular , how much do you consider the immersive nature
Then there are moment in which i built worlds of " chines boxes ", i open a door in order to open another and another , in that case the subject becomes the narrative flow itself .