LandEscape Art Review - Page 140

LandE scape

Igor Notte
HUMAN BEATS shows an intimate symbiosis between the freedom of performance and a rigorous composition : we appreciate the way it seems to speak of constructed realities that still preserve a human identity . How did you conceive this project ?
HUMAN BEATS is an idea that has basis in the places , in human beings , in the memory , in time and in the construction . It ' s made by 8 video , that are also 8 musical tracks that formed a musical album . The electroacoustic sounds of this allencompassing work weave through various genres , acting as a counterpoint to the dilated time dimension of the visual narrative : valuable life moments are captured and expanded to create a prolonged audiovisual experience . The whole life of an individual is part of a mechanism that is different from others . The place in which we live , the people there are around , the systems of values , climate an so on , are all elements that create complex structures that make visible the differences or similarities among the peoples . First of all , i used the time dilatation as a need to make a long-term process , give space to time . In this space i launch some hypothetical questions , or I try to give to the viewer the possibility of creating links : " Thoughts Bridge ".
The project has been conceived as a puzzle made of individual tiles . As a whole , is a research in progress that potentially will lead me to explore reality .