LandEscape Art Review - Page 139

Igor Notte

LandE scape

The technologies and the changes in the art are one of the characteristics of human progress . New tools mean new technical skill available to new languages useful to express an idea . Each contemporaneity age must necessarily be adapted to the developments of the present , and at the same time must keep and use the memories of the past . By my way it ' s depend , a creative process could start from a pencil sketch or from a guitar riff , or from a new plugin .
Living in Berlin has exposed you in direct contact with the ever changing experimental music scene : as a classical trained musician , how do cutting-ege technologies as Max / MSP or VSTi influence your process ? In particular , have you a particular preference for specific platform ? pictures , the use of an optical filter , or the abuse of all the tricks that the digital allows , a stop motion animation , or a 3d computer graphic CGI motion .
Until now i use any software that attract me , at least all those that give me the ability to manage and know what will happen . " Put that effect in the chain to achieve that result that you want ". Generative art and processing fascinates me too , but at the moment it would be something that escapes me by my hands . Many platforms that i use today , in music production for example , were designed and made here in Berlin , Native Instrument for example , or Ableton Live too , or social clouds network as Soundcloud .