LandEscape Art Review - Page 122

Land scape
Stefan Lesueur
of abstract art . So in a way , mimicking nature is inherently abstract and representational , I ’ m just trying to push the boundaries between the two . bit of that modernist reveal . Just as modernist painters revealed the substance of paint to enhance their image , I feel photographers can do the same with cameras : to reveal the camera ’ s capacity for image making in order to challenge conventional perspectives .
Photography is in a very interesting state right now . I hear a lot about how people are deterred by photography because it ’ s so easy for anyone and everyone to take a picture now . This makes it a lot more difficult to stand out as a classic photographer , but those who do stand out are showing that it still takes a special effort to make a great image . Where I think photography truly has a place to stand out , though , is with those who are playing with the limits of what the camera can see . I may be biased , but I find the most intriguing works to be those where people are , say , dropping ceramic and catching the instance when it crashes . There ’ s not only the opportunity to show a spectacular moment that we couldn ’ t see with our own eyes , but to play with those moments to create narratives that go beyond the crash . Perhaps this is a
Yes , though I will say that ’ s it ’ s not something that ’ s always at the forefront of my mind . I think if I was overly concerned with how the audience will react , I would be too hesitant to try out new techniques . However , considering the concepts that I am tackling with my work , understanding how we perceive space and what variables influence