LandEscape Art Review - Page 12

Land scape Alicia Shahaf CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW by writers and poets I like, even a simple sentence works sometimes. The words become an image, usually photography. Sometimes it's "only" a photo. Sometimes I take the shot and process it, sometimes I add them movement. Sometimes I shoot video. When I was a child I dreamed of being a dancer. It did not happen. During my studies in Camera Obscura I got a mission - to shoot a documentary series. I asked a dancer friend of mine who taught at a dance school to take me to a class and began photographing dancers. I explored the movement, the color, the freezing and the continuity of the movement. I learned to appreciate stable, precise movements. I loved the movement of the body. Since then I'm always looking for men and women that their body language connect with me, those I can understand their body language. Sometimes they are people with a “perfect” body. Sometimes they are "normal" people, not perfect on stereotypical standards. I'm very