LandEscape Art Review - Page 114

Land scape
Stefan Lesueur
CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW any public work can have . Part of the reason I am so drawn to working with space is that I see the most potential to have a conversation with the viewer . We inherently share the space around us , so I don ’ t feel quite the necessity to alter the aesthetics of my work in order to make an initial connection . Instead , my goal is to invite the spectator to see the world in to the way I see it , not to impose my ideas , but again , to open up a conversation . My favorite reaction to Obscura , for instance , is when people see the work and simply laugh . I don ’ t have to explain the goals of the project to them , but the message translates anyway .
I would say that I have seen two general directions for the way that art can work in the public sphere . One would be making work with political gains in mind . For example , making work to point out the oppression of a certain people , or perhaps climate action . The other is more experience-based and centered on creating a new understanding of the space around you . Now , I should be careful to point out that I don ’ t think these are mutually exclusive goals . By all means , some of the best political works I ’ ve seen are based on an immersive interaction . I think immersion is the best quality that
One of the goals I aim for is to incite a sense of creativity and wonder ; not just in commenting directly upon the actions of people with their cameras , but in demonstrating my approach to think creatively . With Obscura , there is still the presentation of my personal experience in that I am