LandEscape Art Review - Page 110

Land scape
Stefan Lesueur
Yes , I would say a varied approach is very much necessary to my process . I realize that space and human interaction are really quite large topics to tackle , so it feels inevitable that I would look to study those topics through multiple avenues . What ’ s most important to me about taking on varied techniques is that it keeps my practice fresh , and I ’ m willing to break down norms in one project that I may have created in another . It feels rather scientific . In order to better understand the theory I just made , it ’ s necessary to question and challenge it . So , once I feel I ’ ve come to a stopping point with painting , I am compelled to work in digital media , or installation , and vice versa . Even though my projects are varied , they do follow along a continuous thematic thread , and I think having variety helps me understand the topics I explore more completely . So , again , yes I do agree that experimenting with various media is the only way I can approach my work .