LandEscape Art Review - Page 11

Alicia Shahaf
Land scape
Each series begins with an idea , a thought , a reflection . I am a very associative person . I can see a movie , read a book , listen to a conversation , an exhibition and new images and ideas just come to me . I can see my idea becomes an image , a series . There are times I let off these images and jump head to the action . Since I am exposed to social networks I also do experiments : upload an image of a new serie and wait for responses . I ' m not saying this is what determines whether the series will continue with this or not , but it can influence the decision .
There are times when an idea comes I let it sink . I wait it takes roots in my mind and my heart . If it stays there , I go back to it and start working on it , deeply . I investigate , research , plan carefully what ’ s going to happen there and how . If I forget it - apparently it did not meant to be . My work usually begins with a text . The text can be one I wrote by myself or