LandEscape Art Review - Page 106

Land scape Stefan Lesueur CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW necessary, as long as it inspires you. This pushed me to embrace my creativity and personal interests even within projects that had a designated goal, like making an infographic. I would say this also helped my work ethic, since I was learning to make my work before I was out of the school structure. In general, I have had a healthy exposure to art throughout my life. My parents supported my drawing habits when I was a kid, and I have had many opportunities to interact with artists, curators, designers, etc. I also have a lifelong love of traveling and exploring different cultures, which I work to make a priority in my life. I would say that having such early and frequent exposure to art and different viewpoints inevitably led to my interest in form: studying how others put a composition together, observing natural form, and breaking those things down to find something new. Again, it’s important to mention the influence from both the “fine art” and design spheres on my work. My basis in painting and drawing, for example, taught me to understand how to render form, challenge it, break it down, and bring it back up again. Meanwhile, I’ve also learned design principles that have taught me to hone things in order to best appeal to an audience. I find this combination terribly exciting, and again I believe it crucial to the strong formal qualities I like to carry out in my work.