LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 89

Stacy Lovejoy

LandE scape

CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW realizing I ’ d arrived at the same point where years ago , I skipped my path because I was too afraid to take a risk . This time , the thread was so smooth and radiant that I trusted my passion and chose the path I was born to take . Now , I ' m a genuinely happy person who is creating my own reality . I wish to inspire people to believe in themselves , to not be afraid of making mistakes , and to follow their passion . And as a result , fantastical events , opportunities , and connections will start to emerge , paving the road to their dream with flowers , bows , and candies .
These pieces from The Radiant Thread series allow an open reading , a multiplicity of meanings and interpretations : associative possibilities seem to be of greater importance . How important is this degree of openness ?
Actually , I thought about it , and you know what ? There are two types of people : some of them are curious and want to find an explanation for each detail of a work of art , and after the dialogue they start to understand the artwork , because people actually like discovering logical threads . On the other hand , I think that route prevents viewers from the opportunity to tickle the imagination and achieve one ’ s own experience . I create artwork filled with power and energy of my expression , in an effort to make them as transparent as music : a medium that doesn ' t need any description at all . I wish for viewers to ‘ hear ’ my art , and to touch a viewer ' s soul through the invisible threads and silver light radiated through my work .
For many artists the act of producing a piece , the process , stays in the foreground of the work : but as artist Gerhard Richter once stated , " it is always only a matter of seeing . The physical act is unavoidable ". What is your opinion about it ? In particular , how does a piece of art could reflect the human connection between the creator and the work ?
Phah ! You know , sometimes I meet people on the street who recognize me just because of my style . They say I look exactly like my art does ; I think akin to the idea that a dog that looks like its owner . When I ' m swallowed by an idea , it takes root in every aspect of my life . My artwork becomes a continuation of self , inside and out . Each artwork you see in a gallery contains a lot of information : emotions and a radiant aura ; and if you ' re willing to let it penetrate deeper than the eyes , it ' s possible to get an even deeper sense than you would get by communicating directly with artist .
You have also earned experience into art therapy : we find that using art not only as a platform for selfexpression , but also to face , and often solve problems is an enormous accomplishment for an artist , and it reveals a social engagement of the utmost importance . Would you like to tell our readers something about this laudable activity ? Moreover , if this doesn ' t sound a bit naive , we would like to ask you if in such occasions you have learnt something special in these occasions .
Years ago I dedicated a lot of time to art therapy . I volunteered in cancer centers