LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 80

LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW LandEscape meets Stacy Lovejoy An interview by Katherine Williams, curator and Josh Ryder, curator Exploring the expressive potential of a wide variety of materials, mixed media artist Stacy Lovejoy's work considers the vital relationship between direct experience and visual interpretation, establishing an effective connection with humanity telling real stories through whimsical shapes, unique color combinations. In her works that we'll be discussing in the following pages she encapsulated both cultural heritage and unconventional sensitiveness, to trigger the viewers' perceptual parameters. One of the most impressive aspects of Lovejoy's practice is her successful attempt to wake people’s inner child, drawing the viewers through a multilayered aesthetic experience: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to her stimulating and multifaceted artistic production. Hello Stacy and welcome to LandEscape: we would start this interview with a question about your multifaceted professional background. You have a solid formal training as an architect and you received your master’s degree from Architectural Institute: how does this experience influence the way you