LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 77

Karol Kochanowski

LandE scape

CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW suggest the viewer familiar spaces , what gives them a feeling of the invitation ; it ’ s a kind of way I attract an audience to step in to my world .
Over the years your works have been exhibited internationally in several locations , including London and New York : one of the hallmarks of your work is the capability to create direct involvement with the viewers , who are urged to evolve from a condition of mere spectatorship . So before leaving this conversation we would like to pose a question about the nature of the relationship of your art with your audience . Do you consider the issue of audience reception as being a crucial component of your decision-making process , in terms of what type of language is used in a particular context ?
I make it cleat that my art is not “ for artists only ” type thing ; I do my best to reach audience on any possible level of perception . I am aware of a right balance between visual aesthetics and ideology behind the work , but it ’ s not a rule . The picture comes first and that ’ s enough for me , I don ’ t want to force any meanings , ideology to anyone . It ’ s up to audience if they want to go deeper to learn the backstage of my visual practice . I can hear opinions , that viewer wants to keep the veil of unknown , what as they say , preserve from ruining the visual experience and keep it magical .
I am constantly learning about myself from my painting . It often happen that image appears first ; the explanation might come days or even months after the painting is done . My practice is a semi subconscious process , it occurs that viewer with its feedback open my own eyes and help me to understand my own artwork . I can compare it to situation when psychologist reads and analyze child ’ s doodling . I listen carefully to my audience ; it is indeed an important part of my creative process .
Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts , Karol . Finally , would you like to tell us readers something about your future projects ? How do you see your work evolving ?
My recent exhibition “ therapy ” was a definite success . I continue working on ideas I have touched at this stage . Invisible character of mental disorders and lack of help or even information about the illness is a serious matter I want to raise awareness of by some form of social engagement . Meanwhile I continue working in my studio on blurring boundaries between abstract and figurative .
An interview by Katherine Williams , curator and Josh Ryder , curator landescape @ europe . com
Photographer : http :// siwkophotography . com /