LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 64

LandE scape

Karol Kochanowski
wanted to stay truthful to the nature of my practice . It doesn ’ t matter if your work gets rejected ; your work is authentic as you stayed yourself while doing it . It paid off ; later , two paintings of this series also got selected for second leg of the show , Colonize Revisited as a part of Liverpool Biennial 2014 .
The Second Return Of The Giant Hogweed was a definitive attempt to come back to landscape character of my pre university surreal illustrations . At first I had this quick sketch of a half abstract space , kind of tribute to fascinating The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosh . As in Wondrous Nightmare of Acclimatization series , again I let my hand to decide where I will end up with this unknown space sketching as a starting point . As I was interested in environmental issues and how our human kind disrespects the nature , my painting gained more natural , earthy qualities . The cherry on the cake was a title . Whenever I can , I try to give a vent to my surreal sense of humor , titling my work is the moment . By the time , there has been a lot of talk in the media about fast spreading around Europe , dangerous for human , Giant Hogweed plant . I had on my mind lyrics of prog rock band Genesis classic The Return Of The Giant Hogweed . The song was telling a story of phototoxic Giant Hogweed plant being imported to XIX century Britain as an ornament
plant . None was expecting it to be deadly for human ; song ’ s lyrics describe this plant as Mother Nature ’ s weapon . A suggestion by my fellow artist , The Second Return Of The Giant Hogweed became an obvious choice for the title .
The brushstrokes that condense your visual vocabulary have a very ethereal quality . How do you view the concepts of the real