LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 63

Karol Kochanowski

LandE scape

these series would you shed light on your usual process and set up ?
These both paintings are perfect examples of situations when I made an attempt to remind my figurative , surreal practice in still fresh for me field of abstract painting . For long time I ’ ve been stuck in between these two ways of expression , pushing myself to go either one or another way just to get to simple conclusion at the end - the compromise . Whenever I take a blank canvas , just with combination of let ’ s say two colors or shapes on my mind or even ready theme like in the case of Fourth Wondrous Nightmare of Acclimatization I had a concept of “ migration ” in my head , I cover the surface with meaningless brushstrokes , leave it behind and after , I use it either as a background for another attempt or focus at it for a while until I begin to notice and bring shapes out of the chaotic composition I ’ ve just prepared .
Fourth Wondrous Nightmare of Acclimatization is one of six artworks I have prepared for “ Colonize ” - group exhibition at Dykeman Young Gallery , Jamestown , New York in US . I had on my mind real pictures somehow related to so significant these days issues of human migration and with no specific focus on actual visions I freely let my hand to transfer accompanying me feelings on to the surface . Each of outcomes were various , from suggestive minimalistic forms to pure expressive abstract textures . Being honest with myself was my goal , even if it was a themed show I