LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 6

LandE scape

LandEscape meets

Daniel Agra

An interview by Katherine Williams , curator and Josh Ryder , curator landescape @ europe . com
Visual artist Daniel Agra ' s work accomplishes an insightful exploration of direct experience to walk the viewers through a multilayered experience , inducing them to elaborate personal associations and intepretations . His Sstyle rejects any conventional classifications and is marked with freedom as well as coherence , while encapsulating a careful attention to composition and balance . One of the most impressive aspects of Agra ' s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of transforming a reality into an alternate one : we are very pleased to introduce our readers to hid stimulating and multifaceted artistic production .
Hello Daniel and welcome to LandEscape : before starting to elaborate about your artistic production would you like to tell us something about your multifaceted background ? Are there any experiences that have particularly influenced your evolution as an artist ? And in particular , how does your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to art making and to the aesthetic problem in general ?
Many thanks LandEscape for thinking of me for this edition , it is an honor . Since I was a child I have been attracted by the art and creation of all disciplines and whenever I could attend any art exhibitions in general and photography in particular , I deed . Nature and the urban were always my predilections . It was then my interest arose and when I got my first analog camera I started to experiment for myself with photography . With the appearance of new digital technologies and coinciding with a complicated economic stage , I decided for a while to give up the discipline . In this last stage of analogue I started a particular evolution towards something more artistic , more experimental and conceptual , developing my first optical filters for a series of light painting based on a study of light and its decomposition , looking for similarity with abstract art . A few years ago I felt the need to retransmit from the visual , but with a different perspective based on the theme that had always attracted me , nature and urban . From this day to day in