LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 51

Yulia Naganova

LandE scape

Public should definitely have access to art . The more often , the better . My point of view is that we should try surrounding ourselves with beauty . It would be wrong to concentrate all art pieces in galleries and museums . Yes , probably people don ’ t pay as much attention to the artworks exposed in a fitness center or in a café , than to the ones presented in a gallery . But I ’ m sure , that the more artworks-- photos , for example , people see , the more of them stick in their heads . That means we should cover with art as many public spaces as possible .
One of the hallmarks of your art is the capability to create direct involvement with the viewers , who are urged to evolve from a condition of mere spectatorship . So before leaving this conversation we would like to pose a question about the nature of the relationship of your art with your audience . Do you consider the issue of audience reception as being a crucial component of your decision-making process , in terms of what type of language is used in a particular context ?
When I create something , I never think if my audience will like it or not . Audience is huge and every person of the audience has it ’ s own taste . And I ’ m only one – with my own vision and aesthetic . And even more …
Photo process is not a process where you think and plan in advance . It ’ s very emotional action and very often you just don ’ t have time to think about the reaction of your audience . But of course it ’ s amazing when people accept your art and experience it .
Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts , Yulia . Finally , would you like to tell us readers something about your future projects ? How do you see the development of your work ?
I continue to work with still life and abstract patterns . Continue to look for the new ways of editing and shooting . Something really new for me now is working with women portraits . It interested me always , but I was afraid to begin working in this direction . I had to leave my comfort zone and start to do something completely new . I ’ m really happy I did it because it ’ s something completely different for me and I love working in this new direction as much as I love working with the still life . And besides of that I continue to read a lot and develop myself in the ways that are interesting to me .
An interview by Katherine Williams , curator and Josh Ryder , curator landescape @ europe . com