LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 46

LandE scape

Yulia Naganova
I clearly separate my works into two categories : abstraction and representation . It ’ s 2 different areas that don ’ t cross . Yes , probably it ’ s possible to find something abstract in a representation and vice versa . But I don ’ t like plucking features out of thin air .
How much importance has for you postediting process ? In particular , how does the figurative quality and the tendency towards abstraction dued to digitl mnipulation find their balance in your work ?
Post-processing is of primary importance , after the content of the image of course . Without editing , a photo is an unfinished product which needs to be polished , endowed with the particular mood , and filled with emotions . It seems very important to me .
We have really appreciated the way you draw the viewers to an aesthetic experience marked out with an open reading , with a multiplicity of subtle meanings . We daresay that you are not attempting to establish any unified sense of the world : associative possibilities are of greater importance . How important is this degree of openness ?
I don ’ t really understand why would anyone need art that lacks openness . There are lots of areas in our life that impose tons of restrictions . And art is one of the few opposites . I think all artists and photographers strive for self-expression and openness .
Your work provides the viewers with an immersive experience : how do you see the relationship between public sphere and the role of art in public space ? In particular , how much do you consider the immersive nature of the viewing experience in your process ?