LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 42

LandE scape

Yulia Naganova
Colors and tints I would not say that I prefer black and white or color photos . Some photos will look amazing in black and white while others will gain only by editing them in color . During the shooting process I already know how I will edit the photo and what aim I want to achieve at the end .
There are a lot of sources of inspiration for me : · natural light · shadows
· nature ( trees , rain and ocean in particular ) · women ’ s portraits · pleasant music
The body of works that we have selected for this special edition of LandEscape and that our readers have already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article has at once captured our attention of your pieces is the way you provided the visual results of your practice autonomous aesthetics : that invite the viewer ’ s eyes linger on the picture : would you shed light on your usual process and set up ? In