LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 24

LandE scape Daniel Agra CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW that we feel the breeze, we hear sounds and smell fragrances and if it were not by the limits impose and setting its borders, its appearance, qualities, scale and its dimension, would be different." El jardín de Entelequia could be considered as an exploration of the insterstitial point between the figurative feature of urban environment and the abstract nature of the process of manipulation: while exhibiting a captivating vibrancy, this stimulating body of works seems to reject an explicit explanatory strategy: rather, you seem to invite the viewer to find personal interpretations. How does representation and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work? Difficult, believe me. Many times I reject planned ideas because I think that the viewer within their interpretation wouldn’t know how to relate them. Personally, balance is found mostly in the composition. I prioritize the composition above any other variable, that's where the elements take form as a whole. A black background and an explosion of color and life, and the viewer's interpretation. As photographer Thomas Ruff stated once: "nowadays you don't have to paint to be an artist. You can use photography in a realistic way. You can even do abstract photographs". Why did in your opinion photography become so important in the art world?