LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 226

LandE scape

Joanne Gravelin
because we live in such industrial cities . And i think that is where my artistic voice comes into play . I want someone to notice and feel what I do . So , for me , its ’ not so much about my artwork telling people what to think , but it ’ s more about asking people to notice .
Over these years you have exhibited in several occasions including your solo “ Paradise Wasted ” at the Denmark Arts Center . One of the hallmarks of your work is the capability to create with the viewers , who are urged to evolve from a condition of mere spectatorship . So before leaving this conversation we would like to pose a question about the nature of the relationship of your art with your audience . Do you consider the issue of audience reception as being a crucial component of your decision-making process , in terms of what type of language is used in a particular context ?
I ’ m very open to how my work is received by an audience . I know a lot of viewers will be taken in by the beauty of it and maybe the thought ends there . And i ’ m also open to larger discussions about what issues or ideas a piece brings up for them . I ’ m fine with either reaction and that being said nothing I paint is really with the audience in mind . The audience is of course a crucial part of being an artist and showing work , but for me I ’ m not thinking about what people will say when I ’ m making something . My process is more about making what I feel and then collecting reactions after the fact . And I think because I do have a strong hold on my concepts and style that I have been quite successful as far as the audience response is concerned .
Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts , Joanne . Finally , would you like to tell us readers something about your future