LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 204


Land scape
Marta Sieczak
The base and the most important input is very instinctive . I collect thoughts , observations , analysis , and ideas , and in some moment the visual transposition is coming . This is the point where everything starts to be clear . Afterwards I work more methodical – do the research , try different options for composition and colors , and then finally prepare the canvas and paint . PLACES are much different than the previous cycles (" Maps " and " Diseases "), which were more abstract visually and simplier in the idea . The style is still evolving and I ' m happy about it . painting and interpretate it personally , whether find one path to follow or many different ways . I ' m very happy when the invitation is accepted , cause it puts apart presentation and starts the communication . I ' m always keen to hear the feedback - I ' m curious how audience did read my message . But it ' s not a quiz nor anything like this . It ' s just very inspiring to hear someone ' s interpretation . However , I don ' t think it determines how I use the language - I tailor it due to particular painting , not particular audience .
I ' m very happy you ' ve noticed the issue of the direct involvement , which is pretty important to me . This is something I ' m trying to get from the performing arts . Already mentioned set of thoughts makes an open invitation for viewers , to get more into each
I started thinking about new cycle of paintings - I ' m at the first step , so collecting ideas . I have to admit our conversation brought me new motivation for work – thank you very much for it . Now I need to use it ! I have also some plans for theatrical project , connected to shadow puppet theatre – still in very early stage of development . As for the future I just want to keep working multidisciplinary - and keep travelling . Thank you very much for this very interesting and though-provoking conversation .
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