LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 197

Marta Sieczak

LandE scape

Especially memories and in particular the process and the result of remembering and forgetting things . I use the figurative representation in order to underline the abstraction . I believe the more recognizable the elements are , the clearer is the abstract situation they are part of . However , this is an constant looking for a balance , and that ' s why I like it . sight everything looks fine , but you just have found something is wrong on this picture . Like it rains against gravity , water is orange and the trees crosses sky . To build such a situation , emotion and memory play a crucial role since they are connected both to real and unreal world at the same time .
Settling the color palette is always a different story . In general I design the color palette before starting to paint , but I keep it open – which means I don ’ t think I have ever strictly follow the design ... Sometimes I know from the very beginning which colors I want to use , sometimes it comes after the composition sketch , and sometimes I ’ m experimenting and changing the colors during the process . There comes the question also where to put the colors – causeI work the way that one color I