LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 194

LandE scape

Marta Sieczak
traffic lights or sound of local language , or I don ' t know , just the landscape ' s elements , how tall the trees are or what makes people ' s face expression so interesting , what do the people eat for breakfast and which national media they hate . I just like to observe , and probably that ' s a first step of my usual process , the observation . I collect some set of thoughts - and this set of thoughts I express on the picture . So the actual place I visited is indeed a starting point to everything what ' s connected to it : some experience with this place , people , history , events , problems , atmosphere , feelings and on top of it - memories . So after all this layers , the actual place doesn ' t exist anywhere but on canvas and in audience ' s eyes . It ' s kind of deconstruction , I think .
Well the inner-outside discourse is everlasting and still fascinating . Same as the reality is just fascinating to me . Especially it ' s relativity and objectivity and other absurds . In our contemporary age we have a really strong Affirmation of individualism . it ' s beautiful cause thanks that we can perfectly care the inner landscape so it grows and expands together with our self-awareness etc . And it ' s terrible