LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 193

Marta Sieczak LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW new paths to explore, and I love it. But I also have to get ready for many compromises on the way. On the other side while I'm painting I don't have to consult it to anyone but myself, and I'm just more free. Anyway in both casesI consider my starting input to be actually equal, thereis"just" the process which activates various creative solutions At the end all of my artistic activities are about the visual language I tend to speak... one! There are many beautiful opportunities how all these disciplines could cross, influence and inspire eachothers, both aesthetically and conceptually. While working i.e.ontheater piece I got the possibility to develop the idea together with the director and other theater artists- such cooperationbrings usually hundreds of Behind the genesis of PLACES is my one-year scholarship stay in Indonesia, and just my passion to travels in general. I've been already in 25 countries and been living in 4 (which I consider as a very beginning of my story). It happened I have spent somewhere one day, or few months or a year (or 25 years:). I just like to put my brain into new track and stimulate the imagination, start to focus on things I don't notice anymore in Warsaw, like the shade of red at the