LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 190

LandE scape

Marta Sieczak
As for the background - well as you mentioned , is pretty solid . While getting my MA in 2014 I was wondering how did I survive 9 years of art education ?! I ' ve been studying 4 years at the Art High School and 5 years at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw , which includes also a semester abroad at The National Academy of Art in Sofia ( Bulgaria ). Now I ' m glad for having this traditionaleducation , although some struggles and frustrations on the way . It gave me the opportunity to explore the strong European art tradition , develop conceptual processing and research skills as well as motivated to explore by myself what ' s outside Europe and outside Academy ... Openmindedness and awareness were , and are , just crucial . Of course also the easter-european culture in which I grown up had an impact on how I see the world and the art . The environment , people , landscapes , nature , city , architecture , weather , politics , artworks you ’ ve seen – a mix of it creates a subconscious base , a kind of point of reference . That ' s not necessairly something determinating ones creation - but on the other side , why not ?