LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 181

Henrieta Maneva

LandE scape

are incomparable . Every one of them completed their own mission to the world of art and left so much behind them . They all are very inspiring to me and have definitely influenced my work . I love to travel and have directly witnessed ( became in contact with ) Michelangelo ’ s and Gaudi ’ s art . Michelangelo is my first love . As a kid , I got as a present a book with his art and I drew almost every sculpture in there . Gaudi is the most inspiring for me . His imaginative works mainly inspired by nature , with all this organic and anarchic geometric forms , go beyond any one style or classification , or comparison . During my visit inside the Sagrada Familia , I had the feeling that I had met God , the Creator there . Gaudi is so unreal , so progressive , excelled and ahead of his time , our time , and probably of the near future . All his buildings are so surreal , like a fairy tale . John Ruskin I know from his books , “ The seven Lamps of Architecture ” and “ The Stones of Venice ”. I am not an art critic , writer , or architect . I am just an admirer of architecture , especially Gothic . Ruskin ’ s principle of architecture , the seven moral categories that he considered vital to architecture , all the seven lamps : sacrifice , truth , power , beauty , life , memory , obedience , were so similar to my perception and ideas . His tremendous work and his incredible illustration are very inspirational to me . I am not trying to compare or show preference of one over the other , as all of their work has influenced me . I just enjoy their art , their celestial talent , their unique style used to recreate something immortal , the people ’ s belief in God , in