LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 177

Henrieta Maneva

LandE scape

understand what feeling and emotion is evoked during this process and then decide what colors to use . However , this is not final . For me , I find that I need to add another color every day . One day it looks more greenish , then the next day I notice that the sunlight creates some yellowish tones . Each day becomes a mini discovery process . I think that one ’ s own entire state of mind , emotional condition , and antagonistic feelings can influence the choice of palette . I personally just stop when I reach my level of comfort and don ’ t feel that there is anything else to do on that painting . As a huge fan of drawing I started to use the colors very carefully . The subjects of my paintings did not require any exceptionally colorful palette . It was my daughter ’ s idea to add more colors . She is an amazing artist , and definitely not afraid of using colors and different media . I always use burnt sienna , ultramarine , burnt umber , raw umber , yellow ochre , aqua , windsor green and of course purple ( my teacher , Lena Shiffman ’ s , favorite ). Despite all controversy about the use of white paint , I use both Chinese white and titanium white . My favorite is titanium , because it helps me emphasize the unique glow of the buildings . I don ’ t have an academic ( formal education ) background in art . For me , art is more experimental ; there are no limits . Watercolor is more like treasure hunting : there are an open-ended amount of ways to reach the final product ( it ’ s your goal to find the treasure ). There so many ways to find the “ treasure ” and they may not always be the most popular , but one could be the right one .