LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 174

LandE scape

Henrieta Maneva
professional photographers . Sometimes when I see a photo that I really love , I ask for permission . I am not a photographer and believe me , I am not good with the camera at all . Some places I have already visited , have already had a direct experience , but I don ’ t find my own photos inspirational enough to paint . With the “ Venetian door ” for instance , I used a photo from the amazingly talented Margarita Petrova for reference . I have visited Venice twice before , but I used her photo , because it inspired me and I found the subject very interesting and atypical . I love this painting . For another painting , “ Westminster Abbey IV ”, I took this photo during our visit to London in 2014 . My husband forgot our London passes and went back to the hotel to pick it up . My daughter and I were waiting in front of Westminster Abbey ( we had planned to visit it ) and I decided to try out my photography skills . To my surprise , I found my photos inspirational enough for me to paint .
This is an interesting question . I never really thought before if my psychological make-up determined the nuance of tone I happened to use within my paintings . This process does appear to be able to be applied . At first , you need to establish a “ rapport ” with the painting : to create a harmonious relationship . It is vital to