LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 168

LandE scape

Henrieta Maneva
Castell pitt artist pen in dark sepia or black .
I love architecture , especially Gothic style . I admire the human genius , soul and patience . I am in awe in front of any immortal spirit of the Creator , the artist , the architect and all the people who build these stately , magnificent cathedrals and buildings in general . How strong their beliefs and infinite patience were . I love to travel to different countries ( mostly European ), meet different people and explore varied cultures . I love the architecture and the spirit of the old cities . I paint architecture , mostly cathedrals and churches with watercolor and ink sepia or black . For reference , I use my own or my friend ’ s photos ( they know my passion and keep me very busy ), or photos taken by professional photographers ( after having received their permission ). I prefer painting from photographs due to the light , which doesn ’ t change during the process , and the special glow and specific shadows that constantly change with every minute . The unique perspective captured by the