LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 162

LandE scape


Henrieta Maneva

Lives and works in Flemington , New Jersey , USA
rt is selective re-creation of reality ” Ayn Rand , The

AFountainhead . The best way of

expressing yourself , your inner I , your thoughts , your beliefs , your values , your worries , your feelings , your hopes , your fears , your love , your hate , your soul , your everything is with art . Any kind , any form of art , just find the one that best matches you .
For me , painting is an intimate act , particularly when you do it with love . Sometimes you may want to show the world your love , other time you fear your feelings and prefer to hide them deep inside . I adore painting , especially with watercolor and ink ( sepia ). In particular , I enjoy the process of my mini-re-creation , which for me is actually more a discovery , because watercolor is something relatively new to me . I admire the delicacy , the ethereality and the transparency of aquarelle . I look at a watercolor painting as a breathing , mystical creature that wants to be discovered .
As Picasso said , “ Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ”, and this quote 100 % applies to me . I love to travel to different countries ( mostly European ), meet different people , and explore different cultures . I love the architecture , the atmosphere and the spirit of the old cities . “ Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race . Not only every religious symbol , but every human has thought its page in that vast book .” said Victor Hugo . I love architecture , especially Gothic style . I admire the human genius , soul , and patience . I am in awe in front of immortal spirit of the Creator , the artist , the architect and all the people who build these stately , magnificent cathedrals and buildings in general , and how strong their belief and infinite their patience was . I admire the unprecedented work , pure genius , and talents of Michelangelo , John Ruskin , Gaudi and their unique style used to recreate something immortal , the people ’ s belief in God , in the Creator , in Nature .
“ Architecture aims at Eternity ” said Christopher Wren , and I try to capture this process with watercolors . I paint architecture , mostly cathedrals and churches with watercolors and ink ( sepia ). For reference , I use my own or my friends ’ photos ( they know my passion and keep me very busy ). I wish I had enough time to paint buildings still-life in every country that I visit . For me , painting architecture in watercolor is the best way to combine my two passions and keep my diary alive .