LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 16

LandE scape

Daniel Agra
journey whose final destination is its existence as a living being .”
As an anecdote , it is curious that a few months after making this series , is announced by the largest multinational biotech products , which are working on a genetic modification for flowers , which would allow them to continue to obtain nutrients from the water of the vases and in order to prevent them from waning , they seek to transform the ephemeral beauty into an artificially permanent , counter-position to what could be another approach that could arise from the observation of a spectator on this beauty that I expose , the permanent and artificial becoming ephemeral real and natural beauty .
We like the way your process of interpretation and manipulation allows you to go beyond their intrinsic ephemeral nature . to provide the abstract and the chaotic with a form and a meaning . So we would take this occasion to ask you if in your opinion personal experience is an absolutely indespensable part of a creative process ... Do you think that a creative process could be disconnected from direct experience ?
I honestly don ’ t think so . Any creative process is conceptual or abstract , has to be based on a direct process of connection , by any of the senses . A creative process has to be felt , it has to be lived otherwise it would be a false process . All the senses play in the moment of making a photograph . Although it is only for a composition , it is not the same to do it with some weather conditions than with others . You have to be connected with the moment , the space and the conditions at that time . An example could be " Abyssurbs ", whose concept is the loneliness that ’ s lived in the city , and the bigger is that city it ’ s more noticeable , you live the contradiction of being surrounded by people everywhere , and yet feel the Social indifference . For many people an inevitable travel companion throughout life .
“ Reasonably big territory , densely occupied by living , sentient beings and crowded architecture that humans build their lives around , according to a social and economic structure , as well as their cultural activity . A sometimes hypocritical , false and reprehensible anthill where our so called daily deeds actually turn it into an abyss of the human condition , perpetuating the lack of a sensible side , of all that makes us close to each other , everything that is warm , good-natured and , in some cases , even depriving us from our individuality ... nobody looks at you in the eye anymore ... thousand of beings living together in solitude ...”
Elements from environment are particularly recurrent in your imagery and they never plays the role of a mere background . Do you see a definite relationship between the notion of land and your work ?
Of course I do . It is very important for my work to perceive directly , whether Urban or Nature , to be in the place that I am going to work and to have a knowledge by the own perception , by