LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 154


Land scape
Mark McAfee Brown
My intention is to blur the relationship between reality and perception , with reality being a straight and unaltered photograph and perception being an artistic and heightened version of that original image . That is basically what I do in my artistic work and process in all of the work that I do .
To me personal experience is absolutely indispensable as a part of the creative process , if one is a creative artist . In my
NightBlooms series , I grew all of the flowers in my yard that I used to make the images . Soil preparation , compost , seeds and seedlings , pest control , water , fertilizer , more water , cutting flowers , composing flowers on a flatbed scanner , compositing in Photoshop , artistic imaging , printing , framing , getting solo shows . ttg solo shows ...
In my Landscape ( Woodless Woodcut ) Series , I need go out into nature to find