LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 15

Daniel Agra LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW visual stimuli often manipulated by other interests, so it is essential to have a conscience of the truth, the individual should have the need to ask the question of whether It is true the reality they tell you. “We form part of a collective brain washing that leads us to be a civilization of machines, cultural beings influenced by our surroundings mimetic as well as memetic immersed in a sea of images and information somewhere between chaos and the unfathomable, the idea that we are being programmed en masse by our own society through the idea that in this way an intangible dream becomes widespread, the idea hence that this is in fact what our world is like and will be and that we have ourselves made it so, whether it is a reality or not beyond these thoughts. "Ensueños de Teseracto" is a metaphor of the box (i.e. the TV box) and the fourth dimensional axis that symbolizes the conscience of the machine itself, a rebellion against the content imposed on it by the system, seen through a battlle of images, a subversion caused by being used for the control of the masses.” In the specific case of "El Jardín de Entelequia", the years of nature photography taught me many things: the process of blasting the pollen of a flower when you touch it, seeds of a dandelion when they flow through the air in search of fertilizing other spaces, seeking to follow its life cycle of reproduction and existence, to that previous moment of explosion, there is no conformity, there’s a struggle for its continuity and to conquer other spaces. " We have appreciated the way it also leaves space for the spectators to become emotionally involved in what you are attempting to communicate. Can you talk about what you’re trying to communicate with the elements that you have incorporated in El jardín de Entelequia? Climate change, action and inaction of human beings are pushing the limit to our planet, disappearance of animal and plant species, ecosystems, etc. In the words of Michel Comte, "If you had dived - as I did - on coral reefs 20 years ago, and on those same coral reefs now, I would start thinking about building a rocket to leave the planet right now." "El Jardín de Entelequia" is a metaphor about life, the human being and the space it occupies, that we have to be able to re-emerge from our own paralysis and the environment in search of a new self, which in the end becomes A new us, from the point of view of the own being as of the space it occupies. “Both what is synthetic and artificial is omnipresent in our daily lives and has devastating effects among us and the ecosystem, its consequences last thousands of years before they disappear… why not imagine nature’s rebellion … why not imagine the transmutation of matter. The garden of Entelechy is the prelude of the metamorphosis that contradicts the laws of nature. What once was inert begins a