LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 127

Nora Maccoby

LandE scape

CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW contemplating . I thought about all the options coming out of them and how a particular interpretation defined might then result in a psychiatric evaluation and judgement of some kind . I think about this a lot . Art as lure to detect and diagnose human psychosis or state of mind . And if it can do that , of course if successfully done , can trigger catharsis and self remembering .
About 5 years ago I began studying Reike-Sekhmet symbols and embedding them into the paintings . I like the idea of art being an active relationship between the artist and the viewer . To make each painting a mandala prayer , a dedicated vehicle of transmutation . I work on it as a mediation to synthesize the message using the power of color and paint to bring form through my self to the canvas and into the world from the mucus of potential and the original point of invisibility to visible . I am very interested in the power and construction of transportation through the universe and a lot of it involves geometry and music . I used to listen to music when I painted . Now I hear music in my head when I paint , like orchestral stuff , very dramatic . But in the room it is absolute silence .
For this special edition of LandEscape we have selected the Time Travel series , a stimulating project that our readers have already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article . What has at once captured our attention of your captivating inquiry into the abstracted images of nature is the way you provided the visual results of your analysis with autonomous aesthetics : while walking our readers through the genesis of the Time Travel series , would you shed light on your usual process and set up ? In particular , what are your usual sources of inspiration ?
I see myself as a reporter of my investigations into existence ( travel through space and time ) and a constructor of vehicles ( art ) with which others can also experience / access this existence travel memory for themselves . I have spent much of my life researching the different histories of the planet and attempting cross-analyzation to figure out what is going on . I believe there has been a fair amount of literal time travel experimentation by Black Project groups and this has resulted in the current state of confusion and insanity that anyone can perceive right now . My experience with past life regression and Remote Viewing also supports that . Time is an illusion . It is distance traveled - so it ’ s a large playing field . This is the most important concept . The notion of space as landscape . The celestial ocean of the the Milky Way and dark matter and space weather .
The paintings are vehicles to go outside normal perspective , inside space itself - Be that emotional , physical , or whatever kind of space , mental space there is . We are vibrating molecules ( pointalism !) held together by a single note , a signature of being . How beautiful is that , that our mere being produces music and the opportunity for infinitely more creations . And it means we are constantly recreating ourselves which leads one to consider that the power of mind and intention could indeed influence the re-molecularization of matter in whatever forms it becomes . So each painting is within this context , like travel logs . The gates that one must go through , the self-analysis , the torment , the compassion , the need for mercy . These are all issues I have investigated through the space of where form is made . I would say that a lot of the work is about psychological emancipation and the tricky work of self-analysis . Is coincidence chance or is it a planned by the great architect ? the more you own your thoughts , the more you define your own destiny . And then what is success ? For me , it would be to achieve mastery of this process .
The entire framework of existence - we are souls , we incarnate on Earth into a Mechanical Biological Form in an endless cycle of sleepy life until we wake up and begin to take an active role in our existence and theoretically transcend the mechanical nature of the Body Form to your true nature , which is Eternal and beyond Form and Time . If you get into a space of your soul , like in a meditation , and stop defining yourself as your body - which is just the form for this one life - and you have had so many other forms - you can detach from this identification