LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 124


Land scape
Nora Maccoby
against climate disruption - and its relationship to the First Nation principles and values - has culminated now at Standing Rock in North Dakota . We will see how this develops .
It was through this work with the green hawk movement in the military that I met my husband , an active duty army nuclear counterproliferations officer who was working to get the really good advanced energy stuff out to the public . Some of the people he was working with were the same scientists who my great aunt had helped . I ended up supporting some very advanced physics projects and it was through this that my research in Time Travel began to really ramp up again and I was introduced to technologies and concepts that are actually not science fiction , but might seem that way to the uninitiated . I spent many years with people who had come out of Black projects in the military complex UFO worlds and the Disclosure movement .
So I have these deep particle and gravitational wave physicists as counsel and feedback . My husband gave me the book Thinking and Destiny by Howard Percival , and this was a real revelation of information about The Light of the Intelligence . I began to really commit to the work and started to feel that 2 dimensions - painting on canvas - WAS actually as or more powerful than film and that to move the viewer and trigger whatever it is that makes one experience a catharsis - that painting had that power again , for me . My theater professor had always said , it doesn ’ t matter how big or small the audience is , if there is one person , albeit a ghost , you give it your all .
When I got pregnant I began to develop my meditation practice and attempt ownership of my mind and fate . My child is an incredible soul and artist .
Your approach is very personal and your technique condenses a variety of viewpoints , that you combine together into a coherent balance . We would suggest to our readers to visit http :// www . noramaccoby . com / in order to get a synoptic view of your work : in the meanwhile , would you like to tell to our readers something about your process and set up ? In particular , would you tell our readers something about the evolution of your style ? In particular , are your works produced gesturally , instinctively ? Or do you methodically transpose geometric schemes ?
Before I knew what I was doing , it was instinctive and I was searching for what it was and using the process to find IT , whatever IT was . I had a lot of despair about the state of the world , personal demons , fears and obsessions , and painting was a way to receive messages from the universe that - like the alchemical process - could enable me a process and use the dark matter as the clay of transmutation . to turn it around and develop myself past the obvious weaknesses . This issue of form vs abstraction is really a mind-melt for me and I go back and forth on it all the time . What is the point of the matter , literally . There ’ s space-time which is a vast ocean of possibility , there are the points of defined intelligent form , like existence , and there is the expression of intelligent form which probably has many different states of expression to it and points of intersection with other intelligent forms , and so on is the wildly hyper-multi-dimensional reality matrix we are discovering ourselves within and to which the architecture of time travel inhabits .
Sometimes I will need form and do a painting that is more representational and what happens is it will start to really annoy me and irritate . I let it build and then I engage with the painting and take it to an expressionistic place , an emotional place , to find its soul , and reveal it . And this is the thing with souls and bodies . The body is the form , the soul the invisible expression - that is visible enough that it will influence the perception of the form .
Recently , I have been methodically transposing specific geometries . It is the birth and death in one frame of a moment that leads to infinity . The paintings are doorways to access new realms so far unseen . The painting is the performance of working through the concept or thought . Like doing math . The whole process and answer is on the table and maybe then there is a gnosis . This is the line that I am interested in , between figurative and abstract ,