LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 122

LandE scape

Nora Maccoby
color healing at the White Lodge in Tunbridge Wells , which was started by a painter associated with Dion Fortune during the metaphysical battle for Britain during WW2 . I learned a lot about color and light and began to really incorporate that information into the paintings .
We moved to Grenada West Indies so my partner could get a medical degree and do research in herbal medicine of the West Indies . I was assisting in that and drove us through the rainforests to interview the wise old elders and the rastafarians . I fell in love with the people and the island and considered becoming a Grenadian citizen . The beauty of the landscape - the ocean , the rainforests , the nutmeg forests , the waterfalls everywhere - is a feast of bliss . I realized people in the north were incredibly poor because they live mostly in ugly polluted industrialization and here everyone is rich in beauty and the organic food of the natural world . Around this time I discovered the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the utopian city of Auroville in Pondicherry , India . I found myself surrounded by doctors from India and began playing raga music with a medical student yogi Veena player named Dushyant , and a punk rock veternarian student from Chicago who played bass . We mixed ancient raga music with punk bass and electrified violin . Ancient raga music mixed with Scottish fugue bass will ride you into other dimensions . Raga playing mixed with kundalini yoga and rastafarianism is a great way to live . I began to SEE and travel in space through playing this music . Research for the paintings and travel experience for the cartography that was to come .
During 911 I did a series of word and images that I made into a book called ETHER FIELDS about the invisible lands . I sold most of the pieces separately . I got dengue fever and had a life change about the essential fact that protecting the environment - partnering with it - was increasingly the only worthy thing to work for , as there could be no future for anyone if we all didn ’ t start rolling up our sleeves . Here I began to better understand the triad of Soul , Spirit , Body . Black Elk wrote that the Spirit of the
Land moves through all the People , doesn ’ t matter what Type of Person , but through all the material forms in whatever sentient nature they are . We Are nature and must work with it , rather than rape it . I began to identify as a citizen of Earth , beyond nation state , and felt it was my responsibility to try to serve the interests of Earth , in my homeland of DC , as an adult , in whatever way I could best assist and for which I could use my training in theater - which is also the term the military uses for war .
I moved back to DC to be an advocate for positive collaboration and move the environmental complaint business into a pro-active third column for the left and right to work together toward the implementation and transition to clean energy . It was my own personal psyop as an Earth advocate and to see what I could get away with as a cosmic prankster . I used painting to help me synthesize . I saw the operation as an art project , a performance artist project , to make common sense an option , and bring together collaborators from all realms , along the lines of principles , simple ones with which to commonly survive - clean air , water and soil . healthy ecosystems for food and existence . peace is more profitable than war . I decided to reach out to unlikely areas ( Republicans , the military ) and had a vision of helping to bring the values of the Native Americans to Washington and root the principles of clean air , water and soil as something all sides can agree on so we can survive . I became obsessed with Black Elk and what he said about the spirit of the land will speak through ALL the people , no matter what form , race , creed , we ARE the land , we ARE nature . I had a series of profound dreams in August 2004 and the next month met the Native American spiritual tribal leaders of the 4 directions and began a relationship with the First Nations .
Major miracles began to occur ( I started the first bipartisan energy literacy initiative with a Republican and the 2 largest power companies in the world , got recruited into a secret group of military officers against the war in Iraq looking for how to change the game - energy , met Chigong masters from China who asked me to lead a clean