LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 121

Nora Maccoby LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW of Living and Dying. This was a turning point for me. This and the Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, and the texts themselves. I began doing the Tibetan 5 Rites which incorporates spinning and changing time itself and the aging process. I have been doing the rites now for 19 years, every day except the year I was pregnant. During the 90s in LA I played in bands - improv fusion with Adam Goldberg, the filmmaker, and electric pop psychedelic - with Cal Art and Oberlin people called SwimTeam. We dressed up in old swimsuits and other themes at places like Spaceland in Silverlake. I was painting alien portraits and writing Bongwater with Eric Axel Weiss who I want to AFI with. I got into a spiritual 4th way school and started up the time travel investigations again with Rima Freeman and Pamela Gidley and others. I started the Interdimensional Travel Art Collective with Jennifer Johnson and sold some paintings from a series I did called Astronaut Confession. I left LA in 1999 to work on Buffalo Soldiers and live with a guy who was studying alchemy and herbal medicine in East Sussex. many interests to focus on the business side of it. I was mostly interested in studying the history of religion and how the hell we had ended up in the planetary situation we find ourselves in. I was helping Adam Yauch with the Tibetan Freedom Concerts and was introduced to the Tibetan Book In between sneaking onto Army Bases in Germany to research Buffalo Soldiers, and commuting to London to meet with the producers, I was mostly painting out of a studio in an old shed of a dairy mill on a giant old estate that was out of an enchanted dream. i started to really concentrate on painting with oil and safflower and documenting the invisible realms of the landscape of southern England. I read Innanna of the land of Babylon, all the Casteneda books, Druid tree lore, researched, then began living, the indigenous history and rituals of southern England, which is still quite pagan and got into a bonfire society of total mayhem punk rock hippy festival geniuses who were blacksmiths and artists and gardeners and herbal medicine students at the University of Wales School of Phytotherapy in East Sussex. I wrote a novel called Kings of Witches: the Army of Mary Magdalen which I am still editing. I studied