LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 11

Daniel Agra

LandE scape

both coexistence environments , questions arise , the perception that cities grow and society evolves at the same rate that dehumanizes , the feeling that we are ever more alone in the urban anthill , we destroy more and more our natural environment , the suburbs , the common urban space , more distant from the natural and the real , replacing it with artificial and virtual spaces . Many times they are unimportant details or that go unnoticed , but for me fundamental and that I try to take to a visual narrative , starting from these surroundings that surround me at that moment , contributing with perspective , my point of view and a personal proposal , a form to see and feel , although possibly my greatest influence has been to continue leaving day by day in an environment of constant creation , the world of fashion . Aesthetics in this world is fundamental .
Your approach is very personal and your technique condenses a variety of viewpoints , that you combine together into a coherent balance . We would suggest to our readers to visit http :// danielagra . com in order to get a synoptic view of your work : in the meanwhile , would you like to tell to our readers something about your process and set up ? In particular , would you tell our readers something about the evolution of your style ? In particular , is there a central idea or theme that connects all of your work ?
There is an idea , a question , a question or a concept that calls my attention and I want to contribute my perspective , search for answers or alternatives to what I am observing , I make a exposure of what I