LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 109

Nora Maccoby

LandE scape

siblings vs my parents , led by my eldest sister , or my cultural substratum with my younger brother , or my second sister , or various combinations . Then there was my cultural substratum of me , and the thoughts that were mine alone . It ’ s endless , this cultural identity thing , and one of the reasons I do what I do so I can escape it . When I do art I am in a space where none of this applies and it is the freedom of the celestial ocean , of free time and space , unhindered by human cultural warfare . And this is the spot from which I first began my time travel research . My overriding questions have always been : what is going on ? what happened to get us here ? who is in control ? how does it work ?
My mystical grandmother Eleanor was the one who really initiated me into the truth that we are in some strange game and there are secret tools with which to free yourself . She was one of the most free thinking people I ever met . A composer and a mystic , mountaineer , who was head of the Theosophical Society of Boston for a bit . She told me early on to know that what I “ saw ” was valid . That the “ unseen ”, the invisible worlds , were not necessarily invisible . That we could “ see ” them in our mind ’ s eye . That this eye was real and the doorway into freedom , and that our ability to be free lay in that acceptance . She had a twin sister , Doris , who was a portraitist , landscape artist , mountaineer and environmentalist and advocate of hydrogen energy in the 70s . Their mother was a water colorist who supposedly never recovered from their birth because they were so wild and uncontrollable . They died to this world , both at the age of 99 , were forces of nature and believed in existence OUT of Time .
I have spent a lot of time researching my family history because ancestor memories literally reside in our DNA . Access to the historical logs reside within us , we are made of them ! I think it ’ s helpful to know your biological lineage to better understand one ’ s mechanical biological or psychic influences / problems / blessings and that we have the opportunity in this lifetime to transcend the mechanical programming and birth the butterfly and take artistic ownership of your own existence . I think this is the essential point of all theological texts that are any good . This is also at the core of Gurdjieff ,