LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 79

Klaus Grape LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW create technical structures which is completly different to the freedom of an artistic work. My personal and artistic view on landscapes has also been enormously influenced by the couple of years I have spent in Southern Africa and my intensive traveling through the african wilderness. I always belived in the complete freedom of art thats why I create works that account for a freedom inherent in art. The visual language you convey in your pieces seems to be the result of a constant evolution of your searching for new means to express the ideas you explore in your works: your inquiry into the expressive potential of colors combines together both figurative and abstract feature into a coherent balance. We we would suggest to our readers to visit in order to get a synoptic view of your work: in the meanwhile, would you like to tell to our readers something about the evolution of your style? In particular, would you shed light on your usual process and set up? When I start a painting I have a very clear vision of what I want to paint and what kind of philosophy I want to transport to people. Lets say when I start with one of my Landscape paintings I know exactly how it should look. Is it a view of an arctic sea, or maybe a section of a lush warm green countyrside, a snow covered mountain range or a far away unknown planet. But during the course of painting, in the best case, more and more intuition takes over and the outcome is quite different from what I intended when I started painting.