LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 74

LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW LandEscape meets Klaus Grape An interview by and , curator , curator Innovative and at the same time full of various references, Klaus Grape's work addresses the viewers towards the point of convergence between experience and imagination. In his recent body of work that we'll be discussing in the following pages he encapsulated both abstract and figurative, to trigger the viewers' perceptual parameters. One of the most impressive aspects of Grape' work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of urging the viewer to experience an increased awareness or way of seeing: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to his stimulating and multifaceted artistic production. Hello Klaus and welcome to LandEscape: we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your multifaceted professional background. You have a solid formal training and you attended Munich Design School and subsequently studied architecture, graduating as an interior designer in 1984: how do these experience influence the way you currently conceive and produce your works? And in particular, how does your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to the aesthetic problem in general? At Munich Design School I was intruduced and taught very intensivly about drawing and the use and effect of colors. I learned how to draw figurativly at a very high level. I still can remember that we had to draw a corncob with all the leaves over and over again until reaching a photo-realistc level. Studing Architecture also gave me a very sound knowledge of all the artistic and designing skills. Obviously I learned a lot about perspectives and three-dimensional thinking, colors and materials and how they interact together. During the study i joined intensive painting classes to learn further technical skills. It is said that Architecture is the Queen of the Arts. So I think that all the experiences from the Design School to the studies are still giving me a solid basis and background for my artistic work which I started intensivly in the year 2000 when I completely gave up working as an architect and only focused on art. Because in Architectureone obviously has to follow certain rules and regulations to